Services and Support

Our approach is all about choice. We’re only satisfied when we see you achieving your goals and living life your way.

NADO has a wide range of individual, centre and community-based services and programs to help you meet your goals. Why not let our team at NADO walk you through some great options?

With over 30 years of experience in the disability industry, we employ around 200 support workers to assist you in gaining greater personal control over your future and achieving your dreams.

Contact us to meet with one of our experienced NDIS Client Engagement Officers. They can help you achieve your supports, whether that be personal support in the home or community, connecting up with like-minded friends, organising your next holiday or starting one of NADO’s centre based programs. One phone call and we can get you started.


Where can we meet?

Meet us at one of our offices or we’ll come out to see you.

28 Gidley St,
St Marys


NADO Connect
66 Station Street,
Penrith (opposite Trade Secret)

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