Psychologist services

NADO is thrilled to announce our new Psychology Service based at our head office at St Marys and pleased to introduce Aleksandra Cimburovska as our Psychologist.

Aleksandra is a Registered Psychologist who is passionate about helping people with disabilities. Most of Aleksandra’s work as a Psychologist has been working with people with Intellectual Disability. She worked in the disability sector within the South Australian Government for the past 10 years and has worked in several roles which included; delivering psychological intervention and conducting psychometric assessments.


Aleksandra’s work has included:

  • One on one counselling/individual therapy mostly with people with Mild Intellectual Disability. This included helping them to improve their emotional wellbeing and learn psychological strategies to manage their feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt etc., as well as, managing stressful situations, improve their communication skills, become more assertive, learn safe behaviours, develop healthy daily routines and achieve other personal goals.


  • Providing behavioural assessments and behaviour support to people with Intellectual Disability, which involved functional behaviour assessment, developing positive behaviour support plan and training support staff and/or family to apply the strategies in the Positive Behaviour Support Plan.


  • Providing cognitive and adaptive functioning assessments to children and adults to determine whether they meet the criteria for Intellectual Disability and whether they will be eligible for services.

For further information contact Aleksandra on 1300 738 229

NADO in-house Psychologist, Aleksandra

                                 Aleksandra Cimburovska

              Grad Dip Psych. M Psych (Forensic)