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Together Program

Carer’s TOGETHER Program is a network of support groups centrally managed by Carers NSW that acknowledges that carers and families can’t do it alone. Sometimes they need information, help and a little moral support. The Carer’s Together Program provides:

  • friendship and peer support
  • education and training
  • information about transitioning to the NDIS and how to access respite and emergency care
  • community links with local organisations
  • guest speakers
  • easy access to counselling, support and referral services offered by Carers NSW

NADO is a regional assisting organisation (RAO) for the NSW Carers’ Together program and currently has 14 registered Together groups. Please contact Denise on (02) 9623 9855 or for information about your nearest group.

Carer’s Together seeks to address the needs of carers’ support groups that are unmet by other funded programs in New South Wales. It is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care.

“My support group has helped me to feel more empowered,” says Bridgette Krstanoski, carer with an adult son with high needs.

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