How We Help

NADO gives people with a disability and their families and carers peace of mind. We are dedicated to providing convenient, relevant programs and services that will meet your needs and goals.

Every individual is different. Our programs and services are person-centred.

Your goals may simply require the practical support of our team. Alternatively, they may be multi-dimensional, requiring assistance with objectives like improved communication, independent living, anxiety reduction and social inclusion.

NADO helps you Live Your Way.

NADO’s tailored programs aim to help people improve their life and life-skills. For instance, our healthy lifestyle classes are not only designed for fitness and fun, but can build social confidence and increase your level of participation in the community. Wouldn’t it be great if you felt confident enough to join a local gym or engage a personal trainer one day? We can help you get there.

Members of NADO’s Nepean Social Club and Keen Teens social programs report improved self-confidence, new friendships and greater involvement with the broader community.

Children and young people

NADO has programs specially designed for children and young people to fit perfectly into their school and holiday schedule.

Sleep-overs, camps and stay-away options are also available for 7-17 year old participants to help them develop social skills and gain greater independence.

Advocating for people’s rights

As a long-standing, proactive organisation in the Nepean region, we are involved in many community events that bring the rights, needs and abilities of people with a disability to the public consciousness.

How do I access funding for NADO services?

With the transition to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we have broken down the process of how to access funding so that it’s as simple as possible. NADO is also committed to keeping you informed about your choices through information evenings and guest speakers.

“It has meant a lot to me to be able to meet others that like the same things that I do. I feel that my involvement at NADO has helped me develop a great sense of freedom by allowing me to go to lots of different places and join in on various activities,” Maryanne says.